Bruarfoss: how to find the prettiest waterfall of Iceland?

Where is Bruarfoss Waterfall?


Bruarfoss is one of the waterfalls still unknown by tourists (and even locals!) although it is situated in one of the most visited regions of Iceland: the Golden Circle!

But since it is pretty hard to find nobody goes there yet! But trust it totally worth the chase!

Bruarfoss is about a 1-hour drive from Reykjavik.

You don’t need a 4×4 car to go there, a normal car is fine but some part at the end of the road are full of gravels and holes so drive slowly!

Bruarfoss can be your stop on your way to go visit Geysir, Gullfoss, and Thingvellir. I’m not a super fan of the Golden Circle in summer though because it is crowded with tourists and bus tours! At least, nobody knows Bruarfoss so you will be able to enjoy it peacefully!


I actually discovered this waterfall by accident (I sell in the shop Iย work a postcard of it and I got intrigued!) at and decided to check it out! Now I recommend it to all my customers!

I must admit I struggled a bit to find so I thought it would nice to explain how to get there because Google Maps is not really reliable to find it ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Driving to Bruarfoss Waterfall

Click here to get the itinerary on your google maps app !

From Reykjavik, drive on route numberย 1 towards the north (towards Akureyri for instance) and then when you pass Mosfellsbaer, you’ll arrive at a roundabout.

Go on route 36 that goes to Pingvellir. Then take route number 36 which becomes 365 and then 37 after Laugarvatn.

Just after a sign that indicates route 355 on yourย right, you will spot a small sign on the left indicating “Brekkuskogur”. You will also spot some chalets there.

The road has a lot of gravel here so drive slowly ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then you will pass a sign saying “Bi ALDAN”. Continue on your left! You will spot a red gate here, the kind that stops sheep from going through.

Park near there.

Tips : If you follow google maps with Bruarfoss entered as a location you will get lost as houses have been built on the way ! ( and there’s no road Google Maps!!) Instead enter : “Bruarfoss Waterfall Access Bridge” and try to get as close as you canย with your car and then by foot!

Finding the trail to Bruarfoss !

From there try to head North in the direction of the access bridge.

The trail was really muddy when we went, I almost fell on several occasions ^^ So be careful if you go after a rainy day !

There’s a tiny trail that goes through the fields! And this is what the view looks like :


After 5 minutes, you ย will arrive at a barbwire gate go through it and you’ll end up at a little access bridge!

Then, go through hike so more, you will end walking through some more fields until you see an arrow sign with nothing written on it !!! (I wish I had taken pictures of it!) and head right from there!


Continue some more along the path and after 10 minutes walking, ย you will end up at the big bridge in front of the waterfall:


Don’t be discouraged by the lack of indications or the fact that the path is so small!

Sometimes I had the impression of being totally lost but we weren’t!

It totally worth the trouble I mean look at this:

2016-09-25-17-10-52 2016-09-25-17-07-02

So will you try to find the Bruarfoss waterfall too?

Let me know in the comments below ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy hunting!

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Bruarfoss is to me one of the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland! But not a lot of people know how to access it! I guide you step by step to it !

  1. This does look well worth the effort. I went to Gullfoss and whilst I thought it was amazing I was a little tired of battling with a hundred selfie sticks. This looks more my kind of thing.

  2. This waterfall looks amazing! Sometimes you have to go off the beaten path to find the best places. There really is nothing better than having a whole waterfall to yourself!

  3. What a cool adventure. I used to search out caves with similar information. The hunt was more than half the fun. I can picture you no finding a clue (a postcard) and then searching through to the end. That sounds like a classic adventure you will treasure forever.

    1. yes !! thank you for your message! It’s totally that ! My boyfriend is Icelandic and he had no clue either about this waterfall! I even impressed him as a bonus ^^ xx

  4. Inspite of having become so popular with travellers, Iceland still gives the impression of being one of those mysterious places far from civilization that you go and explore with maps and plans and directions…every pictures looks like something out of fiction!

    1. totally ! The best places are still unknown to most people like the westfjords ! It’s my favorite part of Iceland and only locals go! Iceland is so magnificent everything is beautiful here! It’s endless! I have to stop myself from taking pics of everything because everything is worth to share ! (but then I have no life ^^ lol) I sometimes just like to enjoy the landscapes but there is always a part of me thinking waoh I’d like my friends to see that ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. It really is beautiful. I had this one saved but we missed it because of the horrible weather over the last couple weeks. Got to save something for the next trip I suppse

  6. Really like or should say love waterfall. With Iceland having so many waterfalls it’s not hard to see why they may not be well known.. Bruarfoss looks absolutely beautiful and a nice way to spend a day out!

  7. This would totally be worth the hike! The scenery as you’re making your way over there and that VIEW?! It’s absolutely incredible! How did you find the directions to get there without using Google Maps?

    1. Hi! I put the access bridge in google maps to get as close as possible (since there’s no road) then finish it by foot! I had the access bridge on google maps as point of reference at least ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then somewhat new what directions to take to get to the waterfall! At some point you can also hear it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Oh thanks! I was afraid it would be hard for readers to scroll down with it so I disabled it on the phones ! Thank you !! It means I took the right decision to keep it ^^ ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Every single shot is so stunning!! With view like this, I would happily follow the trail you described haha. Thanks for giving a detailed info on how to get to the waterfall. Definitely going to look up for Bruarfoss when I visit Iceland.

  9. Okay, these photos are so pretty that the landscape looks unreal! I can’t believe I’ve STILL not been to Iceland- it’s definitely at the top of my bucket list… Thanks for the detailed guide on how to find the waterfall- totally going to read this article again when I finally make it to Iceland ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Thanks so much! I know most people use phones now so I try to make sure it looks good! Thank you for noticing ๐Ÿ˜‰ let me know if you find the waterfall easily when you go ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. thank you so much ! Might have been hard to access in winter so no regrets ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Until next time in Iceland! Have a lovely day!

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