Book Review: Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist Book

I just bought Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist Book (although it was released last year!) so I thought I’d tell you if I liked it!

Time for full disclosure. There’s something you should know about me right away: I’m addicted to books. I can’t stop buying them. In fact, I’m capable of buying 10 at once! At the end of the month, I realize how much it costs and then I end up promising myself not to buy any more. Since it’s too hard to honor my commitment^^, I granted myself one exception: I’m allowed to buy books relating to traveling!

So here I am, having bought a total of 11 books in the past 2 weeks! That’s why I thought I’d share my opinions on them with you so you don’t have to buy them all like me 😉

So let’s talk about this book: Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist which ranked 500 places. At first, I liked the idea of this book: a clear list of places that I can be inspired by, with some useful information and beautiful photos. Also, I’m kind in a process of collecting all the lonely planet books ^^. I love their guides!

I disagree with the places ranking

First, I disagreed with the ranking! For instance, Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist Book ranked The Alhambra before the Galapagos islands which didn’t sound right to me. I am usually more impressed by amazing landscapes rather than human constructions even if they are some exceptions like the Macchu Picchu but that’s just my taste! Also, I’m originally from France, so Spain is super close and easy to go to whereas the Galapagos Islands (which are threatened by the climate change) is a place I dream to go. It’s so far away and expensive, they are much harder for me to visit which makes them more special in a way.

The photographies are not really good

Second problem, the photographies are not super great. I currently live in Iceland so I have been to places like Jokulsarlon, a wonderful glacier lagoon and it’s way prettier than the photo in the book (And I believe my photo of is also prettier ^^). I found few examples like this, where I found that the pictures weren’t successful. The quality of the paper is also not flattering for the photographies displayed.

the pic I took of Jokulsarlon last february!/a>

Une photo publiée par Hélène (@helene_travels) le

The information about the places is basic

Finally, there isn’t a lot of information about the places. In fact, It is mostly a collection of names of places you can work from and tick off just for the fun of it. And I almost knew everything mentionned except a few…

Example of a page inside the Ultimate Travelist Book
Example of a page inside the Ultimate Travelist Book

To get a pick at the tops 5 places ranked in this book download Lonely Planet free PDF here


Basically, Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist Book is a coffee table book. Overall, I’m still happy to have it but I’m glad I got it for a cheap price. Don’t pay more than 15 euros/13 pounds for it!

Hardcover: 328 pages

Publisher: Lonely Planet; 1 edition (18 Aug. 2015)

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 23 x 3 x 27 cm

Buy the book:

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet…RankedUltimate Travelist Book Cover

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